Friday, September 5, 2008

The Christ Story

One thing I have noticed throughout literature, movies and entertainment is that people love the Christ story. I’m not referring to the popularity or lack thereof of actual Christian literature and movies, I’m referring to different versions of the Christ story: the basic format is that a world, society, or kingdom is in peril and going to be destroyed, and then a hero comes and saves it. It is amazing how often the hero is prophesied of, even from before his birth, or something happens to him as a child that reveals that he is going to save the kingdom. This story permeates literature. It can be found in everything from Shakespeare to Eragon.

I find it curious that people love this story so much. Some people might say it’s just a good story, but I believe that people love it because of a deeper identity. I don’t believe that life begins with birth. I believe that we all lived with God our Father before being born on earth. We also all wanted to have the chance to come to this world. He presented us a plan where we would have a Savior who would sacrifice Himself to allow us to return home again, if we chose to accept His sacrifice. He also presented Jesus Christ as our Savior. People love the Christ story because it is their hope. Everyone came to earth hoping to find the Gospel and return to God’s presence. The Christ story is what we are all searching for, and that’s why it makes good literature.