Sunday, October 26, 2014

Making Things Right

Throughout life countless things happen that we wish didn't happen. Some large number of these are things that we do to each other because we are imperfect, and some things we do now are things that we'll inevitably regret and wish we could undo later.

This brings me to a question: can we really make things right? If we are able to turn from our sins and walk justly, what of all of the lost time? What of the good we were supposed to be doing, the people we were supposed to help?

I know that exactly this is the power of an infinite Atonement; through Christ we can repent even from years of living below the standards of what we knew was right. I believe that, even in the most desperate scenarios, there is a way. I have felt this in answer to my prayers.

I do not know how, but I believe that part of the way Christ can solve unsolvable problems - even the most horrible ones - is that this life holds neither the beginning nor the end of our existence. This world is unjust, but it is only act two of our being, our final state will not be revealed here.

I know that Christ paid the unfathomable price to be able to mend our ways. He is our Lord and Savior; because of Him we can correct uncorrectable mistakes. I can only speculate as to the how, but I know that it is.